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What is Switchable Electronic Glass?

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Switchable Electronic Glass was invented and applied for invention patents by researchers at Kent State University in the United States in the late 1980s. In China, people are accustomed to call Switchable Electronic Glass as Intelligent Electric Control Dimming Glass, Smart Glass, Liquid Crystal Glass, Electronic Control Glass, Color-changing Glass, PDLC Glass,Magic Glass and so on.

Switchable Electronic Glass material properties and characteristics:

The Switchable Electronic Glass itself not only has the characteristics of Safety Glass, but also has the privacy protection function of controlling the transparency of the glass. Due to the characteristics of the glass film sandwich, the Switchable Electronic Glass can also be used as a projection screen to replace the ordinary curtain and show high-definition on the glass.

1. Privacy protection function: The biggest function of intelligent dimming glass is the privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque state of the glass at any time.

2. Projection function: Intelligent Dimming Glass is also a very good projection hard screen. In a well-lit environment, if you choose a high lumen projector, the projection imaging effect is very clear and outstanding.

3. It has the advantages of safety glass, including the safety performance of preventing debris splatter after cracking, and good anti-strike strength.

4. Environmental characteristics: The dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass can insulate and block more than 99% of ultraviolet rays and more than 98% of infrared rays. The shielded part of the infrared reduces heat radiation and transmission. The shielding of ultraviolet rays can protect the indoor furnishings from UV radiation and fade, aging, etc., and protect people from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet rays.

 5. Sound insulation properties: The dimmer film and film in the middle of the dimmer glass have sound damping effect. Partially blocking noise.

Switchable Electronic Glass is a Laminated Safety Glass which is a layer of liquid crystal film sandwiched between two layers of glass. Commonly known as the dimming film and the liquid crystal film, the liquid crystal film is covered by the EN film in the center and is formed at a high temperature.