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Reflective Float Glass




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  • Magic Mirror Glass

    Clear Magic Beauty Mirror Glass For Bathroom

    Magic Mirror Glass is used in holographic showcase, interior, stage, bathroom, Car Mirror, Screen TV, etc.Currently we have the following thickness of magic mirror glass:3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,15mm.

  • Colorful Glass

    5mm 6mm 8mm10mm 12mm Colorful Float Sheet Glass

    Colorful Glass is means one Float Glass Sheets which is one kind of Coated Glass full with lots of colors, different angles show different colors, so we call it Color Changing Glass. Our thickness is 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm etc.

  • Laminated Glass

    Color Changing Laminated Figured Pattern Glass

    There are Pattern Glass with Colorful pvb film to process Laminated Glass, so it can have nice and safety Art Glass for Home Decorations. One piece Pattern Glass with one piece Clear Glass, Low Iron Glass, Mirror Glass is avaliable, two pieces Patter1


  • Three advantages of frosted glass: 1).Good sound-insulating effect. 2).High security. 3).Privacy protection. (Frosted Glass) The production technology of frosted glass (1).Cleaning and drying.First,in order to wipe off the dirt and stains,using the water to clean the frosted sheet glass which will be produced,and then drying. (2).Hoisting:After washing and d...

  • The Features of Frosted Glass

    posted byadmin2019-08-16 12:18:14

    In people's impression,flat glass is a fragile and transparent material.Because the glass fragments are sharp and easy to hurt people,and the security is not strong.With the development of technology,people not only can give full play to the natural advantages of the float glass,but also can ajust the property and fill the gaps. Frosted glass is the semi-transparent glass that use t...

  • Wall Decoration Hanging Painting

    posted byadmin2019-07-24 15:23:26

    Whether the wall decoration is proper or not will often affect the feeling of the whole space, so many people like to decorate the wall with hanging paintings.Different decorative styles can also use different paintings.So wall hanging glass painting is more and more popular in decoration. Pastoral-style decorative hanging paintings often create a sense of tranquility and harmony for the space, gi...

  • What Are The Advantages of Glass Table?

    posted byadmin2019-07-18 11:34:48

    Glass has a long history and stable nature. It is a time-tested and excellent material. It can be used not only for decoration, but also for playing an important role in various optical instruments. It can even be used to help buildings save energy and reduce noise. By using different processing methods, we are able to give glass different properties. What are the advantages of using Tempered Glas...

  • The Common Use of Home Decorative Art Glass

    posted byadmin2019-07-15 05:44:43

    For a long time in the past, home improvement routines were basically lime-painted walls, and there was no decoration. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's aesthetic concepts, the quality requirements of life are getting higher and higher.Not only safety but also decorative for interior decoration. (Art Glass Wall) Nowadays, the use of Decorative Art Glass in the hom...

  • When the Office Meets the Dimming Glass

    posted byadmin2019-06-21 16:12:14

    In recent years, people's designs for offices have become more diverse, personalized and intelligent. The production of dimming glass has played a role in relieving work fatigue, high efficiency and environmental protection. Dimming Glass has been recognized by many professionals. Dimming Glass is used as an office partition, giving the office more room for changes and functional improvements. Cre...

  • What is the use of color changing glass

    posted byadmin2019-06-09 21:03:48

    A color-changing glass, also known as photochromic glass, can change its color under irradiation of light of a suitable wavelength, and return the glass of its original color when the light source is removed. The colorful glass changes its transmission characteristics according to the change of the external environment, and can effectively control the solar radiation energy to achieve the purpose ...

  • In the process of Glass Tempering, the main reasons for the failure of the debris state are as follows: 1. Uneven heating The uneven heating of the Tempered Glass Production Line is mainly caused by the failure of the heating system. For the glass is heated by the electric furnace wire in the heating furnace wire which will be oxidized and thinned for a long time and cause poor contact or melting,...

  • What is the function of the bathroom mirror?

    posted byadmin2019-05-24 17:39:38

    Mirror is an indispensable part of the bathroom space. It is not only used during grooming, but also used in daily life. What is the function of the bathroom mirror? 1.Anti-fog According to the anti-fog principle, the bathroom mirror can be divided into a coating anti-fog mirror and an electric anti-fog mirror. The coated anti-fog mirror is formed by micropores to prevent the formation of a fog la...

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