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Guangzhou Topo Glass Co., Ltd. was focus on Sheet Glass, Car Glass, Art Glass, Building Glass, Decorative Glass, Functional Glass, Special Glass and other differentiated glass products for architectural, automotive, decorative and residential use. 

Mr. Glass was established in 1982, we are professional in Hot Melt Glass, Glass-painting, LED Light Mirror etc. Art Glass Crafts. As early as in 2000, we pioneered chain store model on Art Glass Field and was awarded Top Ten Enterprise of China Art Glass and Top Ten Brand of China Art Glass by China Construction Glass and Industrial Glass Association. 


With modern pipelines and advanced equipment, machinery and skillful workers guarantee our quality.


We have excellent managers, professional sellers and experienced IT personnel teams to enrich our variety. 


Only products that pass our strict quality control requirements are allowed to carry the TOPO GLASS name.
Nordic Style Printed Green Leaf Hanging Art Wall Painting (MR-YB6-2057)

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Beautiful Lifelike Horse Wall Glass-Painting for Office Decor (MR-YB6-2019) 

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​Plum Blossom Flower Art Glass Painting(MR-YB6-2029)
Colorful Glass Painting/Decorative Glass 

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Customized Ultra Clear Low Iron Engraved Cut Wall Glass-Painting (MR-YB17-817) 

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The Applications of High Penetration and Less Reflection AR Glass
2018 is coming, are you still choose clear glass for your building, fish tank, screen or art craft?1)LCD protection screenLED (all-in-one machine, sign/digital signs/public display screen/television screen/instrument screen, outdoor advisement player), touch screen(tablet PC/navigator/whiteboard/ATM
Congratulations for Our Partner-Mr. Glass' New Art Crafts
Mr. Glass produce art craft glass since 1982, they are one of our Chinese partners and we provide them the sheet glass. Here we will share some effect displays of their art craft Glass:1. SummerTo see the fish swam freely in the mazarine area.2. Time roamingThe shadow of trees dancingWandering on th
Wide Applications of Ultra Clear Glass
Ultra Clear Glass also named Super Clear Glass, Low Iron Glass, The light transmittance of Ultra-Clear Glass is 91.2% - 91.8% and it is also named Crystal Prince Glass which the super fine and high transparent than clear plain glass.For the high transparence, it is widely used in various markets:1)
Special Self-Cleanness Green Jade Glass
Jade glass is a rare high-grade green building decoration materials, like jade wins jade high-tech new materials, decorative effect is refreshing, elegant to meet the modern society on the green, luxury and distinguished demand.Innovations of Jade Glass:1) Break through the traditional continuous ro
A Two-day and Overnight Trip In Huangteng Gorge Qingyuan
Last Weekend,we have a two-day and overnight trip in Huangteng Gorge,Qingyuan.We visited the Ferris wheel in Spanish town.And then we went to the Huangteng Gorge to the river rafting.The rafting is very excited and funny.After rafting,we went to the skywalk glass bridge.It was a good trip with our c
The Usage of Float Glass
Glass is an indispensable material in the decoration process. The glass materials used in many types of glass on the market are also different. Among the many glass materials, there is a float glass, which is a high-grade glass materials, a wide range of uses; What is the use of float glass?Float gl
To Create An Ideal Nordic Home
To create an ideal Nordic home, there must be a Decorative Painting, and the Artistic Painting adds a strong Nordic temperament to the home through different elements.They are both harmonious and unique, and they can show their personal taste. Can make up for the blank of the wall, so that the home