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Wide Applications of Ultra Clear Glass

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Ultra Clear Glass also named Super Clear Glass, Low Iron Glass, The light transmittance of Ultra-Clear Glass is 91.2% - 91.8% and it is also named Crystal Prince Glass which the super fine and high transparent than clear plain glass.

Clear Glass and Ultra Clear Glass

For the high transparence, it is widely used in  various markets:

1) Solar Market

Ultra Clear Glass for olar market

2)Optical Market: lens, copier printing panel, etc.

Ultra Clear Glass Uses

3) Lighting Market

Ultra Clear Glass for Lighting

4)Mosaic Market

Ultra Clear Glass for Mosaic market

5)Sliding Doors, Cabinets Market


6)Sanitary Ware Market

Ultra Clear Glass for Sanitary Ware Market

7) Fish Tank Market (The color of edge)

Ultra Clear Glass for Fish Tank Glass

8) Craft Market   eg: Art Glass

Art Glass

9)Showcase Market

10) Building Exterior

Building Glass

Ultra Clear Glass has a perfect edge color and much safety for market.

As the chemical bond for ordinary phosphate, borate, silicate can be quite large, and the absorption excited by the electron is in the UV region while in the visible and near infrared generally no light absorption. Therefore, the glass is colorless. At the same time, the glass molecules are macroscopically homogeneous, there is no particles that can cause light scattering, and the glass surface is smooth and does not cause light scattering, so the glass is transparent.