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The Usage of Float Glass

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Glass is an indispensable material in the decoration process. The glass materials used in many types of glass on the market are also different. Among the many glass materials, there is a float glass, which is a high-grade glass materials, a wide range of uses; What is the use of float glass?

Float glass is one of the glass materials, first used in automotive glass, construction industry, and then applied in high-grade glass furniture, decorative glass, crystal products; in float glass, ultra-white glass is used the most extensive;

Building Float Glass

The main use of float glass can be divided into two categories depending on whether it is tinted or not:

Transparent float glass - for construction, furniture, decoration, vehicles, mirrors, optical instruments.

Colored float glass - for construction, vehicle, furniture decoration.

Among all float glass, ultra-white float glass has a wide range of uses and broad market prospects, the range of use is very wide and can be seen in many places in life.