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The Usage of Ultra Clear Float Glass

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In recent years, Ultra Clear Glass has been widely used in decoration. It differs from ordinary glass in that it has a high transparency.This type of Float Glass is an ultra-transparent Low Iron Glass with a light transmittance of over 91.5% and a crystal clear property.

Ultra Clear Float Glass

(Ultra Clear Float Glass)

Ultra Clear Glass application field:

1.  Various glass guardrails.
2. Building curtain wall, glass wall.
3. Indoor doors and windows, partitions, walls and floors.

4.  Solar glass panels.
5. Home appliances.
6. Furniture.

7.  Toiletries.
8. All kinds of lamp accessories.
9. High-end crafts.

Super Clear Building Glass

(Super Clear Building Glass)

Ultra Clear Glass combines all the processing properties of high-quality Float Glass with superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, and can be processed in the same way as other high-quality Float Glass.Superior quality and product performance make Ultra Clear Glass have broad application space and bright market prospects.