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What Reason is Reflective Glass to Take Off Film?

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Reflective glass is coated on the surface of sheet glass with one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film to change the optical properties of flat glass to meet certain requirements.

Reflective Coated Glass

The stripping phenomenon of reflective glass

The phenomenon of partial film loss or stripping on the surface of reflective glass film.

It is mainly manifested as local enhancement of light transmittance or complete shedding of film layer.For the phenomenon of film shedding, we have strict standard control in the coated glass production process. Generally speaking, the diameter of the film dropping part is greater than 2.5mm, which is not allowed.

The causes of film removal of reflective glass

1.Production: due to the coating process, some needle like films may fall out during production, also known as needle eyes, which cannot be avoided by the sputtering coating process itself.Additional, because coating film sheet glass itself or the reason that equipment cleans, also may cause drop film.

2.Transportation: due to the fact that after the glass unpacking is transported or cut, any liner or cushion is not unevenly applied between the glass sheets and the sheets as required, which leads to the direct contact between the glass and the coated glass film surface.Such film shedding is usually spot-like or lumpy, and traces of friction can be felt or checked by hand or by testing equipment.

3. Corrosive film dropping: due to the reflective glass film surface being cut and piled up, used in construction or cleaning, and due to cross construction or using incorrect methods, the reflective glass film surface is exposed to acid, alkali or oxidizing substances,causing the coated glass film surface to be contaminated and corroded.This type of film shedding can generally find traces of corrosive substances on the surface of the film falling or at the site.