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What is Ultra Clear Low Iron Float Glass?

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Ultra Clear Glass is an Super White Glass, Ultra Transparent Low Iron Glass, also known as Low Iron Glass and High Transparent Glass. It is high quality, multifunctional new high grade glass variety with 91.2%-91.8% light transmittance. It has the characteristic of Crystal Clear, High-grade and elegant and known as the “Crystal Prince” of the glass family.

Ultra Clear Glass

Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass combines all the processing properties of High Quality Float Glass with superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, and can be processed in the same way as other High Quality Float Glass. Such as tempering, coating, glaze, hot bending, laminated, hollow and so on.

Super Clear Float Glass

In the field of construction, Ultra White Glaze Glass is not only energy saving, environmentally friendly, but also incorporates architectural design into a style and design philosophy. The combination of superior optical and photoelectric technology in Ultra White Glass reveals a new and promising field.

Topo Glass

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