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The Most Beautiful Dazzle Colour Wired Glass

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Dazzle colour wired glass is a new type of art decorative glass,it is beautiful, generous, product variety rich gorgeous series complete. Dazzle colour wired glass has metal wire and it is suitable for all kinds of construction, gifts, craft inside and outside decoration needs, for the modern living environment and architectural decoration furniture,glass, sliding doors, wooden doors, wall decoration, lamp shade, architectural planning and other fields to provide unlimited color space and avant-garde design.

Five product advantages of wired glass

1. Excellent glass raw materials.

2. safe and non-toxic, green and environmental protection.

3. Durable and colorfast.

4.No formaldehyde, no odor

5. Excellent weather resistance, stain resistance and corrosion resistance.

Colour wired glass used in home decoration, hotels, guesthouses, KTV, background, partition, screen, office buildings, museums, opera houses, theatres, cinemas, shopping center.

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