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The Advantages of Art Glass

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Nowadays in our lives, the application of Decorative Art Glass is more and more widespread, especially in home decoration. Art Decoration Glass can make our interiors show a unique style. Art glass is rich in color and strong in art. It is deeply loved by consumers.

What are the advantages of art glass?

1. Green and Pollution-free

Green environmental protection is one of the characteristics of Art Glass Products, and its raw materials are mainly Ordinary Float Glass with aluminum materials, hardware and other materials. The product is harmless and harmless. It does not volatilize harmful gases. The art glass is easy to clean and can be recycled. It is in line with the current conservation theme and is a green building material for home decoration.

2. Fast transportation and easy disassembly

Because of the finished product, the weight of each product is not large, so the product will be very convenient and fast in the process of transportation and handling. Finished products can be directly installed with the installation system, and no further processing is required before installation. Products can also be customized and shipped quickly. They can be re-ordered after ordering to meet individual choices.

3. Material novel design process gorgeous

The main body of art glass products is glass, and its transparent and exquisite texture is irreplaceable. The product combines various techniques such as sand carving, plastic gluing, and car carving. Different crafts have different decorative styles for a long time and can meet the preferences of different owners. After years of development and innovation, the art glass organically integrates classic traditional culture with modern creative design and integrates Chinese and foreign styles. It is the preferred decorative material for high-grade, low-grade home decoration.

4. Installation is stable, safe and secure

The product is mostly a combination of modules, fixed by the Ming frame and hardware, which can effectively prevent the glass from cracking. The glass materials used are all safe processes such as tempering or laminating to creatively solve safety problems.

5. Simple materials, worry and effort

Art Glass Products need no glass glue when installed, and there is no need to worry about chipping cracks. There are not many professional technical requirements, there is no need to ask a professional master, and there is no need for other related constructions such as stainless steel or stone, which can save the labor cost of hidden skeleton materials.

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