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How to Clean Glass Window?

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When choosing a glass window for modern decoration, it is hoped that the sound insulation is good to ensure that the room is quiet enough for rest. Much easy to clean is also very important, then combine these two points, which kind of glass window is soundproof? How to clean it?

1. Insulating Glass

The commonly used Double-layer Insulating Glass is composed of two pieces of 3~6mm. The small hollow distance makes the air layer between the two glasses appear strong "rigid", does not function as an air spring, and loses the general double-layer plate structure. advantage. At the same time, due to the resonance of the two-layer structure, the small hollow distance causes the resonance phenomenon to occur at the middle and low frequencies, resulting in a decrease in the amount of sound insulation.

2. Vacuum Glass

The Double-layer Vacuum Glass and the Double-layer Hollow Glass are basically the same in structure and fabrication, except that the Double-layer Hollow Glass has an air layer sandwiched therebetween, and the middle of the Double-layer Vacuum Glass is "vacuum".

3. Laminated Glass

The Double-layer Laminated Glass is a layer of sound absorbing material sandwiched between two layers of glass, so that the noise is reflected and absorbed multiple times in the composite structure to achieve the purpose of sound insulation.

4. Polyester Glass

Polyester Sunshade Mute Glass uses Superior Quality Glass. It adopts double-layer or three-layer structure. It will independently develop and produce transparent polymer materials with super “wall” sound absorption and sound insulation properties, which are compounded by high-tech production process. The Polyester Sunshade Mute Glass has an ideal sound insulation effect and it’s the leading position in the same industry of the world.