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Color Matching Skills of Art Glass

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Art Glass is one decoration that lots of people like, there is similar design whether home decorations or public installation. Art glass color rules to be will be different for varies decorations, so art glass color matching skills is very important.

Home Decoration Art Glass

1.Purple Color

Purple color is popular in daily life.Lots of people like this color. Purple has an inhibitory effect on human nerves, lymphatic and cardiac system. It can maintain physiological potassium balance in the body, promote the absorption of potassium.Purple can give people a sense of security in visual contact.

2.Black Color

The use of black in the TV background wall gives a sense of calmness, providing a good backdrop to the larger living room or home theater space.

3.Blue Color

Many people like blue color,the blue color closest to the sea. This color is reminiscent of deep, lofty, long, rational and ideal. The blue color is a cool, sensual color that visually calm down. But on the other hand, blue is also easy to make people have feelings of sadness, poor, apathetic negative emotions.People contact blue can ease the tension, blue color make people feel elegant, quiet.

4.Orange Color

Orange is the current mainstream color, it can enable us to stimulate the vitality, increase appetite, but also contribute to the body's absorption of calcium, so orange color is ideal for restaurants, gyms and other places. However, the orange color can not be too thick, or this positive color may make people's spirit too excited, there are some emotional adverse consequences.

5.Orange Blue

Orange blue color will be used in some home decoration art glass, this color can help to relax the body muscles, giving a comfortable and relaxed feeling.