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5mm+5mm Mountains and Waters Painting Laminated Wire Glass

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Product Details

Product Item: Laminated Wire Glass

5mm+5mm Mountains and Waters Painting Laminated Wire Glass

6mm, 7mm, 10mm Wire Glass

Key Specifications:

 Product No.


 Product name

 Wired Glass / Wire Glass

 6mm, 7mm, 10mm

 Minim Size
 600mm x 400mm
 Biggest Size
 2000mm x 1200mm




 Rolling Process


 Dry Laminated Glass

 Layer Type
 Common Laminated Glass

 Surface Pattern

 Intermediate Film
 Hardware Fitting
 Melting Point
 Low Temperature


 Wood Crates or Plywood Crates



 Loading Port

 Nansha Port / Huangpu Port

 Delivery Time

 Within 15 working days


  Building, Cars, Door, Window, Furniture, Home Appliance,

  Electronics & Instruments, Auto Manufacturing, Daily Products, Military etc.

Special Features:

*Fire Resistance

Even if the wire glass is broken, the wire or net can support the fragments, which are hard to collapse and break. It can block the penetration of the flame and the fire powder when the flame is worn out and prevent the spread of the flame from the opening.

According to the Japanese Building Standard Act Article 64, made the provisions of fire doors. The opening of the outer wall must prevent the flame from spreading and burning. Combined the wire glass with B kinds of fire doors frame, it can be used as a B fireproof material.


Wire glass can prevent debris flying apart. Even in the face of earthquakes, windstorms, shocks and other external pressure break the glass, the fragments are very difficult to fly, so compared with ordinary glass, Wire glass is much safety and not easy to cause debris scattered and wounding.

*Anti-theft Function

Ordinary glass is very easy to break, so thieves can sneak into illegal activities, while the wired glass is not. Even if the glass is broken, there is still metal wire mesh at work, so the thief can not easily steal. This anti-theft glass wire clip gives people a sense of security psychologically.

Product Show:

Mountains and Waters Painting Laminated Wire Glass

245 800x600

Landscape Painting Laminated Wire Glass

246 800x600

Toughened Laminated Wire Glass

248 800x600

Transport Packaging

1.Wire glass usually use container or wooden box packaging, each piece of glass is in plastic bags or paper packaging, Light soft materials filled between glass and box to avoid scratches.

outside box should be marked "Up, be careful" and other words and glass thickness, size, type or trademark etc.

2. When shipping, the wire glass shall not be flat or oblique, the direction of the length should be the same direction of the vehicle transport, rain-proof facilities is necessary. Glass handling should avoid collision with hard objects. Temporarily unused products should be stored in a dry room, to be erected placed on the A word shelf, with a vertical plane into a 5-100 tilt, and fixed with a rope.

3. Pre-installed wire glass should be avoided the high temperature exposure, rain and other climatic environment, the construction site of the glass should be stored in ventilated, dry place, encountered a sudden change in the weather, the construction workers should promptly check the scene to prevent the glass case soaked caramel glass caused by water infiltration discoloration.

4. Wire glass in the installation process should not be brutal installation, gently, even force. Window frame should be used with high precision, not rusty products, The different expansion coefficient of glass and frame materials should be taking into account. Match the size for glass and windows, the glass should not be large but small, make the depth of the glass bite and window frame groove depth to meet the requirements. Adopting a four-sided mounting method, it is easy to quickly remove rainwater and dew water when designing. Keep the glass dry.

5. Metal frame can not directly contact with the glass, High-quality sealing material filing should be selected and pay attention to sealing material compatibility with the PVB film. Recommend the use of silicone rubber or polysulfide rubber sealing material. Installation design, construction operations to comply with national mandatory industry standards JGJ113-97 <architectural glass application of technical regulations> requirements.