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When The Horse Comes to Success, The Banner Begins to Win

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  • Magic Mirror Glass

    Clear Magic Beauty Mirror Glass For Bathroom

    Magic Mirror Glass is used in holographic showcase, interior, stage, bathroom, Car Mirror, Screen TV, etc.Currently we have the following thickness of magic mirror glass:3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm,15mm.

  • Colorful Glass

    5mm 6mm 8mm10mm 12mm Colorful Float Sheet Glass

    Colorful Glass is means one Float Glass Sheets which is one kind of Coated Glass full with lots of colors, different angles show different colors, so we call it Color Changing Glass. Our thickness is 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm etc.

  • Laminated Glass

    Color Changing Laminated Figured Pattern Glass

    There are Pattern Glass with Colorful pvb film to process Laminated Glass, so it can have nice and safety Art Glass for Home Decorations. One piece Pattern Glass with one piece Clear Glass, Low Iron Glass, Mirror Glass is avaliable, two pieces Patter1

latest news

  • To Create An Ideal Nordic Home

    To create an ideal Nordic home, there must be a Decorative Painting, and the Artistic Painting adds a strong Nordic temperament to the home through different elements. They are both harmonious and unique, and they can show their personal taste. Can make up for the blank of the wall, so that the home space has become rich and three-dimensional. With the small series of those Classic Decorative Paintings, add some materials to your home. There is always a place for green plants in the paintings of the Nordic family. Living in a city with reinforced concrete, if there is a wall painting with a combination of green plants in the home, it is like a clear stream that can wash away the tiredness of a busy day. The fresh temperament makes the home life a little more vital and vital, the lifelike green plants make people feel relaxed and bring more warmth to the home. The pink flowers have been in the fashion industry for a long time, and the elegant posture gives a warm and noble feeling. The little fairy who likes romance can choose pink flowers and paintings, with green leaves and flowers, so that the whole family is full of vitality and celestial. Decorative painting at home, like flowers in vases, the best layout space also needs decorative paintings to make the whole space a little more soft. Decorate your home according to your own preferences, and Decorative Art Painting can enhance your home happiness.

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  • The Usage of Float Glass

    Glass is an indispensable material in the decoration process. The glass materials used in many types of glass on the market are also different. Among the many glass materials, there is a float glass, which is a high-grade glass materials, a wide range of uses; What is the use of float glass? Float glass is one of the glass materials, first used in automotive glass, construction industry, and then applied in high-grade glass furniture, decorative glass, crystal products; in float glass, ultra-white glass is used the most extensive; The main use of float glass can be divided into two categories depending on whether it is tinted or not: Transparent float glass - for construction, furniture, decoration, vehicles, mirrors, optical instruments. Colored float glass - for construction, vehicle, furniture decoration. Among all float glass, ultra-white float glass has a wide range of uses and broad market prospects, the range of use is very wide and can be seen in many places in life.

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When The Horse Comes to Success, The Banner Begins to Win

posted byadmin2019-07-26

Product Information:

Name of commodity:《Achieve Immediate Victory》

Style of the products: modern,fashionable,and new Chinese style

Application space:background wall,porch,partition,glass painting,landscape decoration and so on.

To measure a painting,except for the obvious physiological feeling about the themes,the processing of details are where the temperature and emotion lie.《Achieve Immediate Victory》is used a great skill to create a lifelike horse.

Take the lead

Glass Painting

The hand and foreleg of the horse are the spirit of the painting.The designer purposely show the 3D texture of these two parts and let them stand out of the picture.The careful carving makes it delicate and generous, reflecting light and shadow, giving it a dazzling look as if the horse is about to leap out of the picture.

Art Painting

The tail of the horse is shallowly processed by back carving technology.The multi-level detail description makes the steed virtual and real degree, the momentum is extraordinary.The background tone is naturally composed, foils the horse such as flies, lofty sentiments of the potential.

Glass Painting

The horse is vigorous, galloping mountains and rivers, meaning vigorous, bright, rising, full, prosperous, developed, successful, suitable for a variety of places.