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What is painted glass?

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Painted glass is an expressive decorative glass variety that can be applied by spraying, rolling, screen printing or shower coating. Painted glass is also known in the industry as back-painted glass, flat-painted glass and frosted glass.

The painted glass is sprayed on the back of the sheet glass in a 30-45 degree oven for 8-12 hours. In many places where the painted glass is made, it is generally dried naturally, but the natural dry lacquer has a relatively small adhesion and is moist. It is easy to fall off under the environment. As we all know, paint has certain harm to the human body. In order to ensure the modern environmental protection requirements and people's health and safety requirements in the paint glass, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and paints when making the paint glass.

Paint Glass

Advantages and characteristics of painted glass

1. Water resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

2. Use environmentally friendly paints for health and safety.

3. The adhesion is very strong and it is not easy to fall off.

4. Excellent anti-skid performance.

5. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-color aging.

6. The color selectivity is strong.

7. Strong weather resistance and strong compatibility of structural adhesive.

8. Strong stain resistance and easy to clean.

Painted glass product classification:

1. the solid color series. Rich in color, arbitrarily blended according to the color on Pantone or Raul color card.

2.frosted series. Available in color without fingerprint frosted glass.

3.the metal series. Available in gold, silver, copper and other metallic colors.

4. polycrystalline series. The effect of thick and thin shows different charms.

5. The Pearlescent series can show the noble and soft effect of jewelry.

6. the translucent series is mainly used in special decorative fields to achieve translucent and fuzzy effects.

7. DIY color series according to the design taste, with all the above performance techniques, individual design can be displayed infinitely.

The back side of the lacquered glass is made of glass-specific paint. The front side is not only glassy, but also has the color to be matched. It can be monochrome, multi-color, or it can be a pattern LOGO, draw a shaft, or you can design your own painted glass.