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Trade Disputes between China and the United States

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The trade dispute between China and the United States is an important issue in Sino-U.S. economic relations.

Analysis of Trade Friction:

1. Fair trade replaces free trade. The main theme of the United States after the war to the 1970s was free trade. After the 1970s, due to huge trade deficits and other issues, they began to shift to fair trade policies. The basic view is that the US market is far more open than other countries. Ultimately, the United States has strengthened its competitiveness and has often resorted to economic sanctions against other countries. This has led to dissatisfaction in other countries, and thus trade friction has arisen.

2. Emphasis on double standards and unilateral standardism. This kind of double standard and unilateralism can easily lead to retaliatory actions by other countries. Trade frictions are inevitable.

3. Interest groups have an important influence on trade policies. Various interest groups actively influence U.S. legislation and other policy decisions to achieve common goals and interests, and exert influence on public relations decisions that directly or indirectly affect their members. Under the unique system of the United States, we often see that in the United States, which is beneficial to the United States, the political circles in the United States are blindingly closed, and even if it affects only the interests of a small group of people, it is not conducive to the United States. Immediately there will be objections.

4. The Congress manages trade. The U.S. constitution stipulates that the Congress has a commercial contract for managing foreign trade and establishes and collects tariffs. The US administration has a more international perspective but cannot formulate foreign trade policies. Members who pay more attention to the interests of the region can make foreign trade policies. Therefore, trade protectionism is often reflected.

5. Endorsement system. In the U.S. democratic system, parliamentarians and government officials are often spokespersons of certain interests. Under the electoral system, personal influence and visibility have a crucial influence on the future. The politicians in the United States don’t own huge sums of money or they can get funding from others. After the officials are elected, the requirements for funding can be reflected, so it is easy to cause trade friction because of some interests of some officials!

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