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Topo Glass Wish You Have A happy Weekend

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With the appearance of float glass technology, it is possible to make high-quality glass with smooth and even mass production, and at the same time make the types of deep-processed glass more and more abundant.Besides commonly used high-strength toughened glass, still have the frosting glass that pays attention to privacy to protect, dimming glass, the mezzanine glass that strengthens bulletproof safety performance, wire glass toughened hot bending glass and so on.

Next, we will mainly introduce the performance and application of toughened hot bending glass.

Clear Glass

Properties and usage of thermally bent tempered glass


1. Safety: when qualified tempered glass is broken, the number of fragments is very small, no less than 40 fragments in the area of 50mmx50mm. The fracture section is basically perpendicular to the surface, without sharp pointed Angle, which will not harm people.

2. Impact strength: it can withstand the impact of the free-fall of 1040g steel ball from 1m high.

3. Bending strength: the bending strength can reach 200Ma.

4. Optical performance: the optical performance of sheet glass does not change during the tempering process.Application: widely used in construction, automobile, ship, airplane, instrument, instrument and furniture etc.

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