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Clear Magic Beauty Mirror Glass For Bathroom

  • S-F7
  • Topo Glass

Product Details

Products Item: Magic Mirror Glass

Clear Magic Beauty Mirror Glass For Bathroom

3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm Magic Mirror Glass

There are following characteristics for mirror glass:

1)Turned the ordinary screen into a mirror three-dimensional screen, and change the appearance of the monitor completely;

2)Block the monitor and the rear equipment to achieve the frameless effect. Its reflected image is clear and it reflect all the wave bands of light uniformly (no color cast) and make the mirror effect is closer to the silver mirror effect;

3)Change the screen's waterproof performance;

4)It has super-hard protective layer, and its hardness can reach to the level of jade;

5)Anti-fingerprint (AF) technology, no fingerprints effect;

6)Vertical coated line, no dregs, and no light leak spot;

7)The maximum panel: 7000mm*3300mm.

Technical Specifications:

 Light Transmittance




 Optical Distortion


 Transmitted and Reflected Ratio




 Heat Resistance




 Deep-processing Type


 Softening temperature 



 Colorless and reflective

 Deviation of Transmitting


 Deviation of Thickness


 Deviation of Size


 Corrosion Resistance


 Acid resistance


 Alkali resistance






 Point-like defect density


 Drawback of Fracture Surface












 Processing Type

 rotate angle, grind side, punching, tempering, 45˚ edge stitching



 Maximum Panel

 11000mm x 3300mm

 Line route


 Surface Crack



 <International Standard


 <International Standard

It is transparent when lit effect, and mirror screen for dim lighte effect.