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Basic Knowledge Of Automotive Float Glass!

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Automobile float glass is made by heating the sheet glass in the heating furnace to near the softening temperature, and then rapidly feeding the sheet glass into the wind bars with different cooling strength, and then unevenly cooling the sheet glass, so as to generate different stress between the main viewing area and the surrounding area. Generally, this kind of float glass is made of zone tempered glass.

Laminated Glass

The surrounding area of the glass sheets are located in the strong wind position of the wind grid, so the sheet glass needs to be fully toughened. The fragmentation degree of this position is good, the steel strength is high, and the main viewing area is in the weak cold position of the wind grid, with large fragments and low toughening strength.


Automobile float glass is an indispensable part of automobile body accessories, which mainly plays a protective role.Automobile float glass sheets mainly have the following three types: laminated glass, tempered glass and zone tempered glass, can withstand strong impact.

Automobile glass can be divided into four types according to the position: front windshield glass, side windshield glass, rear windshield glass and skylight glass.The front windshield glass must be laminated glass as mandatory by the state. (some low cost front gears of agricultural vehicles are still tempered glass or zone tempered glass.)


With the rapid development of China's automobile float glass industry, the demand of China's automobile glass industry has increased, with an annual growth rate of 20%.

Fuyao group, the leading enterprise in China's automotive glass industry, is the largest manufacturer of automotive glass in China, occupying 10% of the global automotive float glass market and 60% of the domestic OEM market.