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400mm x 500mm Window Decorative Glass

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Product Details

Product Items: Chinese Style Case Manchuria Window Glass

400mm x 500mm Window Decorative Glass

Special Features:

*Beauty color harmony;

*Three-dimensional effect;

*a prefect artistic effect;

*Available on Various Colors

*Color abaliable in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Key Specifications:

 Product Name

Cased Glass / Manchuria Window / Chinese Style Glass

 Product No.


 Red, Blue, Green, Yellow

Product Size

 400mm x 500mm
 Color Type


Products Shows:

Home Decorative Windows Glass

Manchuria Window Glass

Manchuria Window Glass

Chinese Windows Glass

Two Ways for Make Case Manchuria Window Glass

1)Full of other colors in the surface, by the method of cutting jade on the surface of the graffiti decoration; 2)Directly use the melting of the colored glass rod on the carcass paste on the pattern, and then do a little polished, this approach can make a multi-color image.

Varieties of Case Manchuria Window Glass

The main cased glass are white sets of red, white sets of blue, black sets of red, yellow sets of green, green sets of blue and so on. The cased glass is with beauty color harmony, and relief of the three-dimensional effect. Although the production is complex and need lots of time, but with a good artistic effect, it is an important invention and creation.