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20 Open Top Container Glass Loading Situations

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Guangzhou Topo Glass Co., Ltd. (https://www.topoglass.com) is mainly provide Sheet Float Glass like Clear Sheet Float Glass, Ultra Clear Low Iron Float Glass, Tinted Colors Sheet Float Glass, Coated Reflective Glass, Nano Anti-reflective AR Glass, Smart Magic Mirror Glass and some Special Glass.

Usually, the loading informations is like following:


1650mm * 2440mm

1830mm * 2440mm

2134mm * 3300mm

2140mm * 3300mm

2440mm * 3300mm

2134mm * 3600mm

2140mm * 3600mm

20' OT

2440mm * 3660mm

2600mm * 3300mm

3050mm * 4300mm

3050mm * 4880mm

3660mm * 4300mm

3300mm * 4500mm

3660mm * 6800mm and can be customized as you need.

2440mmx3300mm Glass & 20 OT Loading Situations

25mm Clear Float Glass Loading

2440mmx3300mm Glass in 20 Open Top Container

20 Open Top Container

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