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AR Coated Anti Reflective Musuem Glass

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Product Details

Product Item: Anti Reflective Glass

AR Coated Anti Reflective Musuem Glass

3mm,3.2mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm Anti-reflective Glass

Special Features:

1)The highest peak of visible light transmittance is 94%.

2) The average reflectivity is less than 6%, and the lowest value is less than 0.5%.

3)More beautiful color, more intense contrast.

4)It is uvioresistant, and can protect the eyes effectively.

5)High temperature resistance

6)The best scratch and abrasive resistance

7)Resistant to be scrubbed by various detergent

8)The strong impact resistance

9)Maintain the perspective

10)More bright colors, much contrast

11)Hot and cold deformation can be almost omitted, applicable to all types of environment

Application of Nano Anti-reflective Glass

1)LCD protection screen

LED(all-in-one machine, sign/digital signs/public display screen/television screen/instrument screen, outdoor advisement player), touch screen(tablet PC/navigator/whiteboard/ATM/computer screen of the industrial machines and machine tools/medical instruments, mobile screen) and so on.

2)Lighting fixtures

In general, the light needs the lampshade for the curtain motivation. However, this involuntary application caused the reflection of partial light, the decrease of lighting efficiency and the waste of energy. By use the anti-reflective glass, the light transmittance is higher, it can provide the brighter illumination and save energy.

3) Solar PV area and solar thermal area

With the popularization and increase of the usage of the solar energy, the photoelectric industry is promoted to an unprecedented technical level. However, the most researches are concentrated on the energy conversion rate of the photoelectric module and the further improvement is getting smaller. However, the focus of the anti-reflective glass on the improvement of the light transmittance provided a exchangeable and revolutionary choice for the best application of the solar energy.

Through the anti-reflective glass, the light transmittance has the improvement of 4%-5%. It means the energy output of the photoelectric module improved 5% very simply from the proportion, so the AR glass showed the significant performance benefits and financial returns.

As for the family solar heater, use the anti-reflective glass as the coverplate can get more effective heat.

4)Building Field

The anti-reflective glass can applied to shop window, museum, the box of the stadium, zoo and other place where need clear view.

Sometimes the reflected light prevent us from watching clearer scenery and hamper the better display. The application of the anti-reflective glass make the glass invisible.

5)Display area

High-end showcase (LV, Gucci, Rolex watch), museum showcase, store window and exhibition room glass of the high-end branded store

The anti-reflective glass can greatly reduce the reflection of glass surface and people can watch the exhibition more clearly. Meanwhile, it can avoid the unclear picture caused by the reflect light while taking a photo.

6)Furniture glass

We can use the AG+nano anti-reflective glass, nano anti-reflective glass+colored crystal, nano anti-reflective glass+color glaze and other technology to make the refrigerator panel glass.