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4mm-10mm Coated Reflective Black Glass with Best Price

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Product Details

Product Item: Black Coated Reflective Glass

4mm-10mm Coated Reflective Black Glass with Best Price

5mm, 6mm Black Coated Reflective Glass

Reflective Glass / Coated Glass

Colors: Euro Bronze, Golden Bronze, Euro Grey, Dark Grey, French Green, Dark Green, Light Blue,Ford Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Silver White etc.

Thickness: 4.7mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm

Sizes: 1650mm x 2440mm, 1830mm x 2440mm, 2134mm x 3300mm, 2140mm x 3300mm,2440mm x 3300mm, 2134mm x 3600mm, 2140mm x 3600mm, 2440mm x 3660mm etc.

Glass Shows:

Black Reflective Glass (2)

Other Coated Reflective Glass

Euro Bronze Reflective Glass, Golden Bronze Reflective Glass, Euro Grey Reflective Glass, Dark Grey Reflective Glass, French Green Reflective Glass,

 Dark Green Reflective Glass, Light Blue Reflective Glass, Ford Blue Reflective Glass, Dark Blue Reflective Glass, Silver White Reflective Glass etc.

Reflective Glass

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6. The glass that we produce:

Sheet Glass, Car Glass, Art Glass, Building Glass, Decorative Glass, Functional Glass,

Special Glass and other differentiated glass products for architectural, automotive,

decorative and residential use, etc.

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